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Top 12 Pricing Table Examples and Plugins

No matter what you’re looking to buy, as a consumer, knowing the cost is critical in making a purchasing decision. If it’s hidden or unclear? You’re more than likely to take your business elsewhere. This is especially true when it comes to eCommerce.

As a seller, you want to give your prospects the same experience you would want with clear and visible pricing options. However, if you offer more than one product or service? It starts to get tricky. The solution? Tables. More specifically – pricing tables.

What is a pricing table?

A pricing table is a tabular content element. It is designed to help customers quickly and easily decide which payment plan to choose or what service to purchase. Businesses leverage them to provide a clear, concise, and engaging look at the various plans/offerings and their subsequent cost.

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Pricing tables can be placed on a separate page on your website or integrated into blog articles and other pages to increase conversion. And who doesn’t want a higher conversion rate?

Why you should use pricing tables

Is your pricing for products or packages still in a simple list on your website? There are a number of reasons why introducing pricing tables could boost conversions and SEO ratings as well. 

Pricing tables are a novel way to keep a comparison of your service and package prices neat and easily readable. Tables get rid of the clutter and give a clear representation of what potential customers are paying and what they are getting in return. 

Pricing tables offer very clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to make sure anyone who gets to that stage can easily become a customer independently. They often employ straightforward names and allow you to highlight specific words or sentences you want to jump off the page.

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Let’s be honest: it’s just more fun and engaging to read about product capabilities in a visual format instead of a haphazard list or text on a website.

That said, you want to avoid creating massive rundowns of your features; just focus on the ones that the customer needs to know about. With minimal space required, it is easy to integrate an FAQ or chat box to offer customers a direct way to ask questions and clarify before purchasing. 

In order to streamline the process and avoid needless time spent coding these tables manually, a plugin is often employed. 

Why use a plugin for pricing tables?

Tables are used in nearly all areas of business and are most frequently seen in eCommerce. These were often created from scratch with HTML and CSS by web devs, but is all that truly necessary? Luckily, no, even without a lick of coding experience or know-how, you too can have vibrant and enticing pricing tables. 

Plugins and embedded snippets are perfect stand-ins for learning HTML/CSS or outsourcing. Most of all – they save you the time investment. It also just makes more sense to implement ready-made plugins and services rather than manually code them.

With a wide range of choices, each with its capabilities and designs, there is a pricing table plugin that will fit your website.

How to pick the pricing table plugin for you

Many plugins for creating pricing tables share standard features, but there are some ways to set them apart. Looking for customizability, including templates and fonts, is a start. But comparing how those are offered between the free and premium offerings is also worthwhile.

Check for integrations with page builders, including WPBakery and Elementor, along with pricing platform support like PayPal and Sling. You also want to look for extras like stamps for “Popular” or “Value” plans, along with currency support and customizable buttons per pricing plan. A drag-and-drop builder makes creation much more straightforward. However, it’s also recommended to have CSS / HTML editing support for those who want to make exacting changes.

With these features in mind as a base, it’s time to check out the top pricing table plugins available and which one suits your needs best.

Top 12 Pricing Table Plugins

1. WP Darko Responsive Pricing Table

WP Darko’s plugin is a plugin for creating pricing tables for WordPress-based websites. The free version offers some functionality, though you will need the premium version to get button support for services like PayPal and Stripe. The paid license for WP Darko also provides features like a table equalizer to keep your tables on a synced level, bubble tooltips, and pre-made table skins.

It’s worth noting that there are no built-in icons for line items even in the premium version. In addition, support for the plugin on the WordPress website seems suspiciously lacking.

The premium plan for a single site costs $19/month, and unlimited sites $49/month.

2. Common Ninja Pricing Tables 

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CommonNinja’s Pricing Tables offers an extraordinarily versatile and straightforward pricing table plugin that is universally compatible across all platforms and site builders. There are dozens of table skins to choose from, and the number of pricing plans you can add to your table is expandable. 

Pricer Ninja also features complete RTL support, text rating, image uploads, PayPal support, and one-click embed/export using a single line of code for seamless integration. Most importantly, it includes tools to track and analyze your tables’ performance. This helps make adjustments on the fly a breeze. 

Users praise Pricer Ninja’s easy-of-use and time-saving nature, along with beautifully designed tables. 

The free plan offers the risk-free creation of tables, and the paid plans begin at $2.39/month.

3. Pricing Table by Supsystic

Supsystic offers pricing tables for WordPress pages with its WordPress plugin. It features multiple animation and hover effects, multimedia integration, alternating plan coloring, and unlimited rows and columns. The plugin also includes a switching toggle to limit the price plans shown and a scheduler to target sales during specific time windows with special columns.

The rating history of this plugin is patchy at best, with many users calling it buggy and downright unusable. Feel free to take your chances if you’re trying to skim down on plugin license costs.

The free plan is full-featured, and pricing for a single site starts at a $46 flat fee.

4. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables (not to be confused with Commoninja’s Pricer Ninja) is a table creation plugin for WordPress that offers over 100 table styles to create whichever tables you need for your WordPress site. It also features WooCommerce integration, Google Sheets/.CSV data import, and custom UI and data filters to allow site-goers to narrow down pricing plans to those relevant for them.

Users on the WordPress website report unresponsive support, which may be an issue if you may need help integrating Ninja Tables into your website.

Ninja Tables doesn’t offer a free plan, and a single site license costs $49 annually.

5. ARPrice

ARPrice is a responsive pricing table plugin with diverse integration capabilities. The plugin offers over 300 templates, 3000 icons, and 900 Google fonts to create the table style you’re looking for. You can edit pricing tables in real-time and examine previews on desktop, mobile, and tablet to ensure conformity.

The main con for ARPrice is the quality of technical support offered, and many users also complained of buggy performance on some devices.

ARPrice offers a feature-limited free option, and the regular license costs $27 as a one-time fee.  

6. CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

The CSS3 Web Pricing Table plugin is a simplified solution with 2 table styles and 20 predefined colors. Along with hover styling and tooltips, it also includes 42 Tick / Cross icons and tools to make quick and clean pricing tables for your website.

The plugin stands out with its free updates for life and affordability relative to many competitors. Its weakness is in how basic and limited it is. If you’re looking for extensive built-in customization options? The CSS3 Web Pricing Table plugin is not for you.

WRC’s pricing table plugin includes a simplified free version, and the regular license costs $20 as a one-time fee.

7. Go Pricing

Go Pricing is another fully-featured pricing table plugin for WordPress with a wealth of customization options. It includes over 2000 fonts, and 250 template designs, along with PayPal support. The plugin also offers unlimited rows in your tables and multimedia support.

Go Pricing stands out with its add-ons Yet and Clip. These allow users expanded styling and unique theme creation, as well as one-click column copying and a drop-and-drag style creation interface.

The disadvantage of Go Pricing is in its limitation to WordPress-based websites. Which means that if you’re using a different frontend on a headless WordPress? Go Pricing won’t be of much help. In addition, according to users, the support for this plugin has turned unresponsive, so if you are looking to invest in a plugin to serve you over time, you may want to look elsewhere.

Go Pricing doesn’t include a free plan, and the license price begins at $27.

8. Easy Pricing Tables

FatCat Apps offers a pricing plugin that is aimed at WordPress websites and is fairly limited in its offering. Besides standard functionalities, the pricing table plugin is also compatible with the Gutenberg editor, and Google Analytics allows for tracking your price plans’ performance.

One thing users claim is not so easy with this plugin is adding multimedia to your pricelist table. You may be forced to do it manually if you want images or videos in your price list.

Fatcat apps plugin doesn’t offer a free version, and a personal license begins at $29 annually for a single site.

9. Plugmatter

Plugmatter is a relatively basic table price WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) generator plugin for WordPress. It offers manual customization with several styles of templates to choose from.

Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can compare each of the templates side-by-side with one instead of creating multiple test copies. PlugMatter also has a collection of button designs to customize the look of your pricing tables further.

Plugmatter’s pricing table also offers integration with Google Event Tracking in order to keep track of your sales goals and table performance using your preferred analytics tool. This may be, however, the only redeeming feature of Plugmatter that may justify the relatively steep price point: pricing for Plugmatter’s Pricing Table starts at $37 for up to three sites.

10. Pricing Table by WP Life

Pricing Table by WP Life is a newer solution to the pricing table scene, but it makes up for it with some attractive templates and advanced customization features. It offers banner customization with tags like “Hot” or “Popular,” as well as animation features and custom CSS in-dashboard.

This plugin is, again, limited by support for WordPress CMS alone. In addition, users describe it as non-user friendly to say the least. Among others, it lacks a comfortable way to preview your pricing table before adding it to you WordPress blog.

The WP Life plugin offers a free version, and premium starts at $15 for a single website license.

11. PickPlugins Pricing Table

PickPlugins offers a pricing table plugin with an array of custom. In addition to uploading multimedia to use in the tables, it can also embed videos from hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo. The plugin offers multiple column animations and a currency switcher, among other features.

Since this plugin is relatively new on the block, it may be a bit too adventurous for an established website. That said, the free version offers quite a bit for the (free) price.

PickPlugins offers a free version as well as a lifetime license for one domain for $49.

12. WRC Pricing Tables

The WRC Pricing Table plugin is a WordPress pricing table generators that gives you full control over the dimensions of your tables using three base designs. Every aspect of the tables can be altered, even altering currency units in each column. The interface is very basic and doesn’t require too much more than adding the text and choosing colors and styles.

That said, this is what this plugin is – basic. Design options and templates are limited, so unless size really matters? You may want to look at more versatile solutions out there.

WRC Pricing Tables start at $10 for a lifetime license. 

Pricing tables are an organized way to show off your plans’ pricing and features in an attractive and engaging visual way. Offering various integrations to PayPal and web builders and customization features helps to set these plugins apart. 

Moreover, you can track the performance of these tables to understand what works, which prices are most attractive, and which features leads are focused on. However, the most important thing is to organize your pricing and features regardless of the plugin you choose.

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