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Tutorial | How to change a cell’s background in Compare Ninja table

One of the most requested features in Compare Ninja was to allow changing the background of a specific cell. Well, we added this feature, and here’s a short tutorial of how to do so.

1. Create a new comparison table / edit an existing one in Compare Ninja.

2. Go to “Table Edit” section in the menu.


3. Go over the cell you want to change and click the “Edit” / “More” button.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 10.57.42

4. Look for the background line, and click the little arrow.


5. Choose the background you want and click the “Set color” button.


6. Close the popup by clicking the “Set Content” button.


7. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 11.00.18

Go any question about this tutorial? Write us a comment!

Tutorial | How to convert CSV to HTML & CSS in 3 minutes

Compare Ninja has a unique feature that could help you import a CSV file and convert it into beautiful comparison table.

In the step by step tutorial we will explain How to convert CSV to HTML & CSS in 3 minutes.

Note: This feature is available for premium users only.

1. Sign up to Compare Ninja.

2. Create a new table by clicking either the “Create new table” in the user menu, or the “Start now” button in Compare Ninja’s homepage.


3. After choosing a skin, click the “Upload CSV” button in the “Tools” menu.



4. In the “Import CSV file” popup, drag & drop the CSV file from your computer, or click the “Upload” button to browse the file from your library.



Important note: Before converting your Excel file into CSV file and uploading it to Compare Ninja, be sure to replace all Comma characters “,” with “‚“, so the conversion will be successful.

5. That’s it! Your new comparison table is ready to be edited in Compare Ninja!


For your convenience, here’s a quick video which shows you this tutorial in action: