Announcement | Brackets Ninja is here!

We’re more than happy to announce we released a new ninja tool!

Brackets Ninja – is a great tool for creating modern brackets for leagues, tournaments, and championships.

Here are few of Brackets Ninja’s features:

- Create & Manage brackets online

Creating online HTML5 brackets has never been easier. Brackets Ninja allows you to easily create and manage multiple tournaments, championships, and leagues online. Add players/teams, order games, publish and share your brackets on-the-fly.

- Publish your bracket once

One of the greatest things about Brackets Ninja is that after creating your bracket, you can easily publish it by just drop a few lines of code in your website. Once you’ve implemented Brackets Ninja’s code, you may keep updating your bracket, while we will take care of updating it in your website!

- Customize your bracket as you like

We are using a super intuitive, innovative, and easy-to-learn user interface, meaning, you don’t need any prior knowledge in HTML5 & CSS3 for creating beautiful brackets. With our advanced edtior, you’ll be able to customize your bracket as you want.

- Invite your Facebook friends to join

Brackets Ninja is super social friendly. With Brackets Ninja you’ll be able to connect your Facebook account and easily invite your friends to join your tournament. Once they are in, share your bracket with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

So… Are you ready to create some brackets? :)

10 thoughts on “Announcement | Brackets Ninja is here!

  1. DH

    Is there a chance you can add a field to put a game time (noon, 3 pm etc)? I am thinking of postponements, change of days, etc. Outdoor tourneys have rainouts and such.

    A field where a custom time or additional info can be placed would be nice that shows between the two opponent names, so in case person does not click on the game, they’ll know at a glance time and date?


  2. Mitch

    Is there a way now to create a double elimination tournament? If not, this would be a great addition in the future. Right now, it works perfectly and looks great as a single elimination bracket. Thanks for a great resource.

      1. Ronnie

        I was just about to ask about double elimination and round robin styles. Both of those would be great additions, and would cover most of the basic bracket uses.

        Also, it would be worthwhile to consider a different bracket setup as an option – one that starts on both the right and the left, instead of just on the left. Example:

        This is useful because it would allow for more bracket matches to occur simultaneously. For example, this is a current bracket I am running in a video game competition: . Five of the players must wait a week before they are able to play any games, whereas a double-sided bracket would allow all players to play matches in the first week. The two setups are equally fair, but the one I am suggesting would allow for more efficient tournaments.

  3. Howie

    I am having trouble creating my bracket. I would like to have 14 teams starting. I am only able to have 4 teams start and the rest start under the second round. I try to drag and drop the teams into a different order and I am not able to. I also try and drag the games into a different order and this does not work either. I can see by other examples that you can start with more than 4 teams. I have tried the 3 major browsers and all have the same result.


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