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Release | Feeder Ninja is now supporting Google+ and Instagram feeds

Feeder Ninja Instagram and Google+

Feeder Ninja’s Instagram and Google+ feed

After getting a lot of feedback from users, we are more than pleased to announce than Feeder Ninja is now supporting Google+ and Instagram social feeds!

Here’s a quick example of both Google+ and Instagram in one feed:


Tutorial | How to change a cell’s background in Compare Ninja table

One of the most requested features in Compare Ninja was to allow changing the background of a specific cell. Well, we added this feature, and here’s a short tutorial of how to do so.

1. Create a new comparison table / edit an existing one in Compare Ninja.

2. Go to “Table Edit” section in the menu.


3. Go over the cell you want to change and click the “Edit” / “More” button.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 10.57.42

4. Look for the background line, and click the little arrow.


5. Choose the background you want and click the “Set color” button.


6. Close the popup by clicking the “Set Content” button.


7. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 11.00.18

Go any question about this tutorial? Write us a comment!

Release | Feeder Ninja is now supporting multiple feeds!

We are very excited to announce the latest version of Feeder Ninja we’ve just released!

The new version includes new and important features, most of of them was developed after getting a feedback from some users.

You asked, we delivered!

Here’s a list of the new features:

  • The most important feature is: Adding multiple feeds in one widget! Soon we’ll add a tutorial of how to use it, but meanwhile here’s an example of the result:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.51.49

  • New scrolling effects.
  • New design for the feed’s creator wizard:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.52.30

  • YouTube video players.
  • Scrolling bug fixes.
  • Mobile support fixes

That’s it for now, more features and updates soon.

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Showcase | 5 awesome RSS & Social feeds created with Feeder Ninja

As for writing this post, up to 85,000 feeds was created with Feeder Ninja – our RSS & Social feeds generator. This is quite an amazing number for a product who was released only one year ago! Today we’re going to present 5 awesome usages for 5 awesome feeds created with Feeder Ninja.

1. Millenium Rohan

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.56.14


2. Darkness Radio

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.02.28

3. Comic book girl 19

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.04.51


4. KCA University

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.07.14


5. American Mobile

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.09.00


Want do create a RSS & Social feeds in just a few minutes? Try Feeder Ninja!

Announcement | Brackets Ninja is here!

We’re more than happy to announce we released a new ninja tool!

Brackets Ninja – is a great tool for creating modern brackets for leagues, tournaments, and championships.

Here are few of Brackets Ninja’s features:

- Create & Manage brackets online

Creating online HTML5 brackets has never been easier. Brackets Ninja allows you to easily create and manage multiple tournaments, championships, and leagues online. Add players/teams, order games, publish and share your brackets on-the-fly.

- Publish your bracket once

One of the greatest things about Brackets Ninja is that after creating your bracket, you can easily publish it by just drop a few lines of code in your website. Once you’ve implemented Brackets Ninja’s code, you may keep updating your bracket, while we will take care of updating it in your website!

- Customize your bracket as you like

We are using a super intuitive, innovative, and easy-to-learn user interface, meaning, you don’t need any prior knowledge in HTML5 & CSS3 for creating beautiful brackets. With our advanced edtior, you’ll be able to customize your bracket as you want.

- Invite your Facebook friends to join

Brackets Ninja is super social friendly. With Brackets Ninja you’ll be able to connect your Facebook account and easily invite your friends to join your tournament. Once they are in, share your bracket with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

So… Are you ready to create some brackets? :)

Tutorial | How to add a Feeder Ninja social / RSS feed to WordPress


If you’re using WordPress as your CMS, you probably wondered if there’s an easy way to add a Feeder Ninja RSS/social feed to your website. Well, good news, because we released a new plugin to WordPress for easy integration with Feeder Ninja!

Here’s a step by step tutorial of how to add a Feeder Ninja feed to your WordPress website.

1. Download Feeder Ninja’s WordPress plugin from here. Or search for “Feeder Ninja” on your WordPress dashboard’s plugins page.

2. (You may skip to 3 if you used the search option)

Under “Plugins -> Add new” click the upload menu, and upload the “” file.


3. Install and activate the plugin.



4. Under “Appearance -> Widgets” look for Feeder Ninja widget.



5. Drag and drop the widget into one of the widget areas.



6. Under your Feeder Ninja account get the relevant Feeder Ninja feed ID from the feed editor. You’ll find it under the “Feed Publish” section.



7. Add title, and set a height to the widget. The widget’s width will be set automatically to 100%.

8. Click the “Save” button.



9. Enjoy your new feed! :)

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Showcase | 5 beautiful pricing tables built with Pricer Ninja

Thousands of websites are already using Common Ninja‘s tools. One of our most popular tool is Pricer Ninja – a tool which helps site owners to easily create, embed, manage, and analyse HTML & CSS pricing tables. Today we’ll present 5 beautiful pricing tables which created with Pricer Ninja and embedded in websites.

1. NE Pro 100


2. Platinum Metrics


3. Group Bitcoin


4. Capture Page Traffic


5. Canal Automação


Want to create a pricing table to your website? Start now!

Tutorial | How to remove the Ads from a Feeder Ninja feed

As a premium user, you have the options to remove the Ads from your Feeder Ninja RSS & Social feed (See the attached image).

Note: Only premium users have the option to remove the Ads.



Here’s a 2 steps tutorial of how to do it:

1. When editing your feed go to “Feed Settings“.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.10.18


2. Under “Feed Settings” look for the “Remove Ads” field and check the checkbox next to it.



That’s it! Your Feeder Ninja social feed is now Ads-free.

Tutorial | How to convert CSV to HTML & CSS in 3 minutes

Compare Ninja has a unique feature that could help you import a CSV file and convert it into beautiful comparison table.

In the step by step tutorial we will explain How to convert CSV to HTML & CSS in 3 minutes.

Note: This feature is available for premium users only.

1. Sign up to Compare Ninja.

2. Create a new table by clicking either the “Create new table” in the user menu, or the “Start now” button in Compare Ninja’s homepage.


3. After choosing a skin, click the “Upload CSV” button in the “Tools” menu.



4. In the “Import CSV file” popup, drag & drop the CSV file from your computer, or click the “Upload” button to browse the file from your library.



Important note: Before converting your Excel file into CSV file and uploading it to Compare Ninja, be sure to replace all Comma characters “,” with “‚“, so the conversion will be successful.

5. That’s it! Your new comparison table is ready to be edited in Compare Ninja!


For your convenience, here’s a quick video which shows you this tutorial in action: